Why AI is critical to the successful adoption of Digital Platforms

AI and digital platforms

AI can be applied effectively in Digital platforms.In Digital Transformation, companies are moving away from process orientation towards Platform orientation. The importance of AI is increasing every day.Enterprises globally realize the potential of AI and the huge benefits it can bring to the human lives and businesses in a significant way.
Inspite of the huge potential that AI provides, many enterprises still struggle to construct AI use cases and apply it productively.Even though AI is still not fully matured, it will become far more powerful in the future.
The primary action is to build Platforms in order to provide a superior customer experience.In some cases, Platforms are built to serve employees better so that they can effectively respond to regulatory changes.

Stakeholders management in using Digital Platforms

When enterprises move towards developing Digital Platforms, stakeholder management becomes important.
The important stakeholders involved in Platform development are:

  • End users – Customers or Employees
  • People who deliver experience to the end users
  • Company executives who fund and sponsor the platform
  • Partners in the ecosystem who provide services, tools and products that can be used for Platform development
  • Partners in the ecosystem who effectively benefit from the company platform.In other words, company platforms are monetized for its usage by other firms.

In the Digital era, companies collaborate and go to market as ecosystems, not as individual business.They compete and collaborate across ecosystems.Each stakeholder group above has it’s own interest and expectations from the platform.

Key Success Factors in Digital Platforms Development

  • To successfully build a Platform, it is observed that Technology development is the easiest but increasing user adoption is the toughest part.
  • For any platforms to generate revenues, the stakeholders need to adopt it.The stakeholders should like the platform and be willing to use it in order for the Platform to truly succeed.
  • Change management is not sufficient to increase adoption, the stakeholders need to have a superior experience which would motivate them to use the platform.The only motivation is when the stakeholders benefit out of the platform.
  • A successful digital platform needs to have three essential attributes – 1)Anticipating the user needs 2)Providing superior experience and 3)Satisfy user requirements in a timely manner
  • The above three attributes provide the basis for superior user experience and must converge to drive user adoption.
  • Platforms must deliver solutions that are most important for each stakeholders in order to deliver superior user experience.

How AI can increase user adoption in Digital Platforms?

  • AI can play a critical role in driving user adoption.For instance, if the customer is the most important stakeholder for the Platform, then understanding the customer is the most important step.For this, getting information on each customer becomes important.The information is not needed at persona level but at a personal level.AI can help here by providing and predicting the next action of the customer.Platforms can use this information to provide personalized services to each customer which can further drive user adoption.
  • AI also plays an important role in delivering superior customer experience.In order to be successful in platforms, it is essential to treat each enterprise as platforms. The platforms need to cater to each stakeholder to deliver a superior experience.A successful platform should anticipate customer needs, meet its requirements in a timely manner and also deliver a great user experience.


  • AI can play a critical role in driving user adoption in digital Platforms by delivering great user experiences and in better anticipating the stakeholders needs.

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