The future of work place

Future of work place – What the emerging workforce cares about?

A big topic that is discussed in all the business meetings is on the future of work place. The millennials and young workforce that are joining the job market cares deeply about the values of their business leaders. They look upto their leaders and if they feel they do not walk the talk, they lose motivation and loyalty.
Let us take the case of Amazon where Bezos created a billion dollar fund to support homeless families, but a year later the same company slashes basic healthcare insurance to it’s part time workers.
The future of workplace can be successful where leaders deliver on their promises and staff are motivated to take responsibility because they have trust in their leadership that they will take care of them.

In future of work place – Leaders need to “Walk the Talk “

  • The marketing gig project the future of work as where the workforce will adapt themselves to the changing demands and upgrade themselves on the latest technologies.The enterprises on the other hand will deliver the best possible culture to employees and also display philanthropic activities. This does not hold true.
  • A few days back, the leaders of G2000 companies gave a famous statement that they are no longer going to focus only on shareholders returns and would focus to satisfy all important stakeholders including customers, employees and environment.
  • Fast forward to the current date, nothing has changed.Companies still are driven by quarterly results and their decisions are based on how shareholders and investors react to their performance.

Future of work place – Curious case of Amazon

  • Amazon is the world’s largest company by market capitalization and a darling to stock market due to the returns it provides to the investors.
  • Amazon in order to satisfy their shareholders recently stripped basic healthcare insurance of part time workers of Whole Foods which the company acquired recently.This act has taken the meaning of corporate greed and insensitivity to an altogether new level.
  • The world is facing unprecedented global and corporate inequality.As a result, there is an increasing unrest seen among the workers.This will only get worse as corporates are looking to replace thousands of workers with bots to improve margins and satisfy their shareholders.

What is the future for employees?

  • It is the duty and responsibility of the employees to keep their business running and profitable. The world is moving towards digital and it becomes the duty of employees to adapt and upgrade themselves to digital, else there is every chance that their organization can go bust.
  • The CEO and the board need to cater to their shareholders interest especially with increasing interest shown by activist investors.

What is going to be the future of workplace

  • The bitter truth is that future of the workplace is going to be a painful process for many.There will be too many changes and most of the people will not be able to adapt themselves fast enough to these changes.
  • People who are the quickest and first to start running are the ones who will reach the coveted top position leaving most of the others behind.
  • The future of work is that employees need to upgrade themselves with latest technology only to survive as enterprises are interested only in margins and not on the employees career.

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