Leveraging emotions to transform customer experience

Sensory Marketing

  • Companies want to create an emotional association with their products/services.In order to achieve this, they are looking to the five senses of the customer.
  • One of the senses is smell and brands use smell to attract customers and influence them to come back again.Many hotel chains use a very good fragrance which can create a very good experience for its customers.
  • More brands look to start selling products that appeal to their senses in order to maintain a connection with their customer beyond the point of purchase.

Quality Time

  • Brands need to provide customers qualitative and immersive experience.By offering good experiences, brands can capture quality time with their customers which can help them to engage better with their customers.This positive engagement will help brands to establish a loyal connection with their customers.
  • Brands should treat their customers as guests.This approach will help companies to create an intimate relationship with their customers rather than a transactional relationship.

Establish personal human connections

  • Employees should spend more time with their customers and build personal relationships.This would help the brands to create more authentic connections with their customers.
  • With rise in digital technologies and more companies using conversational intelligence tools like bots to improve efficiency, human interactions have become minimal.
  • Customers crave for human interactions.As per PwC survey, more than 75% of the customers want to interact with an human rather than with a technology.
  • In order to foster personal collaboration with customers, companies can use robots to do basic tasks like mopping floors or checking the inventory. This can free the employees working in those tasks to focus on their customers.Fostering personal relationships with customers can also help companies gather invaluable customer insights.
  • As per Harvard Business review, customers top 5 emotional motivators are 1)Projecting a distinct social persona 2)Having confidence in the future 3)Enjoying a sense of well being 4)Feeling a sense of freedom and 5)Feeling a sense of thrill
  • More brands should start training their employees for customer facing roles with the aim to improve customer experience and customer delight.These customer facing professionals should strive to understand what customer wants and then seek to satisfy these customer needs with each interaction.

Final Takeaway

  • Emotions make customer experiences memorable.Good memories can lead to enduring customer relationships.
  • To elevate customer experience, more brands are looking to build meaningful connections with their customers by leveraging positive emotions that would surprise and delight their customers.

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