Digital Transformation

Valuing a Digital Transformation Project

Given the full scope of potential digital initiatives, it is no surprise that most companies are launching digital transformation projects. It’s not surprising that companies struggle with evaluating the myriad “digital” initiatives proposed. In this article, I provide my insights on valuing a Digital Transformation Project.

Digital Strategy for Companies Post-COVID-19

Now is the moment to reassess digital initiatives—those that render near-term help to employees, customers, and the extensive set of stakeholders to which businesses are increasingly responsible. In this life, some things will catch back to the earlier form, while others will be eternally changed. Playing it safe now, evident as it might seem to do so, is frequently the worst decision.

Digital Transformation and Customer Experience

Digital transformation offers organizations an opportunity to understand the modern-day buyer, engage with them and deliver on their expectations of a multi-channel customer experience.

Why is every company a digital business

Enterprises are becoming digital business With digital disruption, every company will become a digital business. Let us look at how technology continues to disrupt different industries. Retailers have mobile apps and ecommerce platforms. Banks are entering into cryptocurrency. Customers can order online from grocery stores and can get it delivered to their home. Hence all

Insights on Digital Leaders Investment Strategy

Digital leaders investments strategy Digital leader’s investment priorities are different from Digital laggards. Digital leaders invest aggressively in digital efforts. They allocate a sizable proportion of funds to building a world-class IT/technology function. They dedicate a significant percentage of their workforce to digital projects. They have ambitions to expand their digital talent base and upskill

How to transform a legacy company to an Agile Digital Business?

Companies still struggle to evolve into Digital business We are moving to 2020. This marks more than 20 years into Digital age. Many companies still struggle to embrace digital technology advances. More leaders are anxious about digital disruption. Instead of being anxious they should be eager to provide new, exciting and improving digital solutions to

Why it is more important than ever to understand Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes intelligent Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve and is becoming more intelligent. Hence it becomes critical for all of us to question its power and role in our day to day lives. AI was initially conceptualized to help organizations streamline business processes in order to improve its efficiency and acquire new/retaining

How to create sustainable value from digital at scale?

Digital at Scale Digital companies that are successful have a revenue growth that is five times more than their peers.Inspite of this success, many of these companies are still figuring out on how to achieve digital at scale.It is imperative that companies are able to deploy digital at scale else there is every chance of

Digital and Analytics strategy for tech-enabled transformation

Digital and Analytics The emergence of the Digital and analytics business model has put enormous pressure on the incumbents’ strategies and operating models. Companies that are successful are the ones who have been adept in embracing digital technologies. These companies have devised new ways of working in order to generate more value from their digital

Why Digital experience platforms will be the next big thing

Why Digital experience platforms is vital Today’s enterprises are facing cut throat competition. Hence companies are not only focusing on the services rendered to customers but also give an equal emphasis on how the services are delivered. In today’s competitive environment, companies need to package their offerings with superior digital experience that are memorable and

What are the top digital transformation trends in 2020?

Top Digital Transformation Trends in 2020 Some of the top digital transformation trends in 2020 are the need to deliver superior customer experiences. Besides, companies need to focus on having a data-driven culture as reimagining business for the digital age would be the no.1 priority for businesses undergoing digital transformation in 2020. The majority of

Building customer experiences through mass personalization

Rise of mass personalization Digital has changed a lot of things.Traditionally identities were set up by society based on their occupations. In the digital age, identity is based on the decisions we make on a daily basis.In this age we are known by the preferences we make. Offering something based on their preferences is what

Integrating Data and Design

Integrating Data and Design Integrating Data and Design thinking not only creates user centric products and services but also improve the business processes.When companies look to connect different and disparate ideas then they invariably achieve success.This is because diversity of perspectives foster fresh thinking to solve tough problems. Data is important because they provide facts

Why Innovation led strategy is critical to achieving Digital Leadership?

Why innovation led strategy is important? Innovation led strategy is imperative for every enterprise today because technology is disrupting everything from operating models to supply chain.Hence in the current dynamic and global nature of the business, Innovation is now the nexus of Strategy. Successful companies view innovation not as a task or project but envision

How Google's Quantum supremacy affects the future of computing?

Google’s Quantum supremacy Google announced that it has reached quantum supremacy which is deemed to be an important milestone in Quantum computing. So what does that mean and how it affects the society, business and the mankind. Quantum supremacy basically means the point where Quantum computers is able to perform a task that best supercomputers

Why do companies fail at their Digital Transformation initiatives

Success rate of Digital Transformation Most Digital transformation initiatives don’t yield the benefits that leaders expect.Large companies are under pressure to digitize their business models and products.According to McKinsey, best performing digital companies earn 80% of digital revenues generated from their industries. An average digital transformation engagement has a success rate of not more than

What is the price of Automation Paradox

Effects of automation paradox In recent times, the concept of automation has become extremely popular with every enterprise looking to automate its manual processes to cut costs, improve productivity and operational efficiency followed by reallocating people to value additive tasks.By taking away the easier parts of the task, automation can make the difficult parts of

Why it is time to transform the Customer experience?

Customer experience need to be personalized Customer experience have changed now.Customers expect better services from companies.The expectations for better experiences started when Amazon, Uber and Netflix started to provide personalized services that are accessible on demand across multiple channels and responsive to their needs at that exact moment. Customers now expect such experiences even from

Why companies still don't have a plan against Digital disruption

Digital disruption Companies globally are worried about digital disruption. Firms are being disrupted by innovative digital platforms.Many companies are facing disruption in their own industries and hence are under pressure to rethink their processes in order to keep pace with the current market forces. In today’s hyperdigitized world driven by rapidly evolving technologies, new entrants

Leveraging the Transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence

Impact of Artificial intelligence Every week we hear news reports telling that artificial intelligence is able to perform a job that humans do, but faster and better.The latest studies tell that AI is able to detect cancers, predict floods, analyze the facial expressions and tone of the candidates during recruitment process.From these studies, we can

How companies can increase their Digital revenues?

Share of Digital revenues Many enterprise companies still struggle to increase their digital revenues due to their subpar digital initiatives. Hence companies are taking cues from their B2C counterparts by increasing their investments in digital businesses.Inspite of this, they have not been able to achieve high margins.The reason for this is because companies have trouble

Why Few Digital companies take the world by storm?

Why few digital companies achieve global success Few digital companies take the world by storm where as others get lost somewhere in between.Let us look at WhatsApp which started in 2009 based on the premise that messaging could be done through the internet rather than through telecom operators.In four years, WhatsApp had a subscriber base

Leveraging emotions to transform customer experience

Sensory Marketing Companies want to create an emotional association with their products/services.In order to achieve this, they are looking to the five senses of the customer. One of the senses is smell and brands use smell to attract customers and influence them to come back again.Many hotel chains use a very good fragrance which can

Is Hyper-personalization the future of Digital Customer Experience?

Exciting promise of hyper-personalization Hyper-Personalization has improved customer experience in B2B and B2C businesses.The demand for personalization is so high that it is predicted that Personalization will be the key driver of marketing success in future. Though the potential for creating personalized customer experiences are very high and rewarding, enterprises are unable to drive personalization

Why ethics matter in Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) ownership is more than achieving technological competencies – It is an organizational challenge.

Software vs. Services – Which has more demand in 2020?

Software vs. Services – Software is eating the world There is a lot of debate going on Software vs Services. The cofounder and head of the famous Venture capital firm Andressen Horowitz had famously quoted way back in 2010 that “Software is eating the world”. Since 2010, the world has changed a lot with digital

How Digital can help achieve personalization at scale?

Personalization at scale Studies indicate that personalization at scale has the potential to create $3 trillion in new value.This value can be realized by building relevant technologies, addressing organizational disconnects, forging trust with customers and protecting the data. Marketing has changed and true value of marketing lies in delivering experiences that are world class to

Creating attractive Digital offerings for Customers

Impact of Digital offerings on Customer experience Digital offerings have compelled enterprises to reimagine their customer value proposition. New emerging technologies like Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Cloud computing can help enterprises deliver unique customer experiences which wasn’t possible before. The real benefit of Digital technology lies in its ubiquitous data, unlimited connectivity and

Identifying the right technology for Digital Transformation initiatives

Right technology for Digital transformation 78% of the Digital Transformation initiatives do not provide any value and do not achieve their business objectives. This is primarily because the executives often take a Technology first approach. There is a common belief that Technology will create a foundation for Digital transformation which can lead to creating business

Why Digital Transformation should start with improving Customer experience?

Why AI is critical to the successful adoption of Digital Platforms

AI and digital platforms AI can be applied effectively in Digital platforms.In Digital Transformation, companies are moving away from process orientation towards Platform orientation. The importance of AI is increasing every day.Enterprises globally realize the potential of AI and the huge benefits it can bring to the human lives and businesses in a significant way.

Future of Outsourcing

Seismic shift in Outsourcing The outsourcing model is undergoing a seismic shift ever since the emergence of the Global Delivery Model.Clients want to move away from their existing outsourcing contracts with its vendors. Customers want to replace these relationships with bots that can perform transactional tasks.Since outsourcing agreements are often tied up with clauses, it

Rise of Digital Platforms

Rise of Digital platforms In today’s competitive world and with Digital euphoria all around, every company has or is in its way to create multiple Digital platforms. Companies have realized that platforms transcend traditional value chains and hence enable them to create new business value.Hence companies are moving away from Processes to Platforms to create

Assessing the potential of Digital Platforms Transformation

Digital platforms In this blog, we shall discuss on Digital platforms and whether Platforms have equally disrupted all the industries. We will further discuss which industries are more prone to get disrupted by Platforms than others. Platforms have rapidly changed many markets.Some industries are more prone to regulatory demands than others.Industries like Banking and Healthcare

Success factors to acquire a Digital Unicorn in 2019

Digital unicorn In this blog, we shall look at the digital unicorn and key reasons, companies look to do M&A deals and evaluate the chances for its successes. M&A transactions are incredibly complicated.Less than 25% of the M&A transactions have seen successes.With the change in business models and advent of digital, executing M&A transactions are

Key Insights to learn from Digital Leaders

Insights from Digital Leaders In this blog, we shall analyze how Digital leaders are successful in their Digital Transformation initiatives.In this digital age, every company wants to execute digital transformation, but very few companies are able to walk the talk and achieve success. In this article, we shall discover key insights about the success of

What is the right operating model for Digital Strategy

Operating model for digital strategy In this blog, we shall discuss on what is the winning operating model for a digital strategy as Digital is driving major changes in how enterprises drive and execute strategy. Successful companies include four crucial elements in their digital strategy operating model.As digital continues to disrupt the business, the pace

How successful companies are withstanding Digital Disruption?

Digital disruption In this blog, we shall look at how successful companies are able to withstand digital disruption by addressing two digital imperatives.One is in building new digital businesses and the second is digitizing legacy operations to improve efficiency and productivity. Successful companies realize that they would not be able to withstand disruption from new

What is the right Digital Platforms Strategy?

Digital platforms strategy In this blog, we shall discuss on the importance of having a Digital Platform strategy and why so many incumbents are starting to build their own platforms or looking to forge partnerships with digital natives and third parties to have its own digital platform. At this time, with Platforms business more profitable

Three Core Concepts of Digital Business exploded

Three concepts of digital business In this blog, we shall explain the three core concepts of Digital business which follows a completely different trajectory from that of a normal business models that we have seen till date.We shall observe these changes through basic mathematics concepts that have stood the test of time like extrapolated trendlines,

How integrating a Digital acquisition target is different from a Traditional Post Merger Integration model?

Introduction Digital has become a buzz word now and continue to disrupt every industry as almost every industry is changing its business model to align to digital strategy.This has resulted in industry convergence where a company with strong Digital technology assets can disrupt any industry as entry barriers no longer continue to exist now. This