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About Ramkumar

Ramkumar Raja Chidambaram is an experienced M&A/Corporate development advisor who enables companies to grow through M&A activity and strategic alliances. He has vast experience and demonstrated expertise in analyzing, structuring, and negotiating acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, M&A due diligence, and M&A integration. As an M&A valuation consultant and M&A integration consultant, Ram has successfully closed more than $1 billion of M&A deals.

As a Mergers and acquisitions consultant/ Corporate development advisor, Ramkumar also frequents networking events and actively develops a professional network and affiliate network within the business’s industry that will benefit prospective merger and acquisition deals.

Ram specializes in:

As an M&A advisor, Ramkumar is accountable for driving economic and financial M&A due diligence that will apprise sensible M&A decision making. He evaluates the business’s operational human resources and financial investment strategies and correlates these with the corresponding organizational structures, and operating models of the prospective M&A deals to ascertain compatibility.

As a Corporate Development advisor, Ramkumar provides up-to-date and unbiased financial/commercial analyses of planned mergers and acquisitions, including structuring options for transactions and studying potential strategic acquisition options, disposals, and restructuring. Besides, he furnishes reports and recommendations for senior M&A management for decision-making objectives.

As an M&A advisor, Ramkumar Raja Chidambaram works with senior business development leadership and the legal department in determining departmental strategic direction, culture, and decision making.

As a Corporate development advisor, Ramkumar Raja Chidambaram works collaboratively with the senior management and executives of considered businesses during the M&A deals process. He also works with external business management in executing procedures and technology that promote efficient and timely transition for both companies.

Ramkumar Skills

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Strategy

M&A strategy should be a judicious addition to your growth strategy and based on a disciplined and repeatable pattern that sustains regular, ever-larger transactions. 

As a M&A consultant, Ramkumar Raja Chidambaram can help in:

  • Consultation on strategy and screening, due diligence, M&A Integration, divestitures and separations, joint ventures/alliances, corporate finance, and much more.
  • Employ a complete set of best-in-class diagnostics, structures, established benchmarks, and other analytics tools and abilities to lead target prioritization and screening, integration workflows, and other crucial elements of successful M&A.

M&A Valuation

In M&A valuation, Ramkumar Raja Chidambaram weigh-in determinants like the business model, traditional and predictable performance, intangible value, competition, industry economic standpoint while reporting at the assessment of a business. The proposition typically covers: 

  • Precise knowledge of the client’s business, transaction, and M&A valuation goal, which requires comprehensive consultations with the management, site visits. 
  • Financial Review of the business and the industry in which it operates with due consideration given to critical risk parameters affecting the company and the industry, evaluating business profitability and later sustainability.
  • Analyze the business plan presented by the management and validation of the underlying hypotheses.
  • Determination and utilization of the most fitting M&A valuation techniques taking into study the nature of the business, transaction, and the valuation purpose
  • Sensitivity analysis of the fundamental M&A valuation drivers
  • Arriving at the fair value of the asset/interest to be valued. 

M&A Integration

As a M&A integration consultant , Ramkumar Raja Chidambaram can help in:

M&A Due Diligence (Commercial, Financial and Operational)

As a M&A consultant, Ramkumar Raja Chidambaram has experience in:

  • What is the strategic basis for the transaction, and what makes this target engaging?
  • What additional markets, customers, or sales channels will be generated or obtained by this acquisition?
  • How does this transaction improve the brand or market position?
  • What is the origin of synergies, and how are they quantified?
  • What are the crucial Day One and post–Day One operating risks and priorities?
  • What synergies are possible (revenue, cost, tax, balance sheet)?
  • Are relevant policies in place to execute and achieve synergies?
  • How will adjustments to peoples’ roles, duties, and hierarchies apprise the overall organization’s design?
  • How will compensation and benefits programs follow with the future state vision devised, executed, and rolled out to employees?
  • What targeted efforts must we take to align leaders, the business, and employees with devising a seamless onboarding experience?
  • Do historically announced results certainly reflect run-rate profitability? Do we have accurate data to confirm your forecast?
  • What factors, if any, will influence the purchase price?
  • What balance sheet and off-balance sheet disclosures worry most?
  • How could accounting concerns change reported outcomes or disclosures after closing?


Ramkumar Raja Chidambaram can help clients plan assets for sale and decrease the risk of difficult carve-outs to addressing regulatory matters and developing the surviving business to flourish.

Joint Ventures/Alliances

Discover the complete potential of the joint venture strategy through a logical and intelligent analysis

Ramkumar Raja Chidambaram started his career in investment banking after his MBA and then moved to corporate strategy and M&A.

He has experience working with leading companies like

Bank Of Mellon

10+ years of experience in M&A/Corporate Development

11 years of professional accomplishments in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), divestitures, joint ventures, strategic partnerships, and private equity advisory with a proven track record of developing and executing global growth strategies for leading technology organizations


M&A transactions




Years Experience


Success Rate

Ramkumar Experience

Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy 100%
Deal Structuring 100%
Post Merger Integration 100%
Financial Valuation 100%
Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence 100%

Ramkumar - Academics Qualifications

  • 2005


    PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore
    Distinction holder

  • 2009


    S.P.Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
    Dean's list , CAT score of 99.2 percentile

  • 2009


    Indian Institute of Banking & Finance
    All India Rank holder

  • 2015


    CFA Institute
    Topper and finished in 1st attempt


Whether running a plateau in sales, or racking your intellect for the best way to carry your enterprise to the subsequent level, or cash out at the right moment, consulting the appropriate M&A advisor or a mergers and acquisitions consultant can create all the difference. As a mergers and acquisitions consultant, Ramkumar Raja Chidambaram has a clear and demonstrated knowledge of a business’s M&A process copulated with comprehensive experience and expertise in accounting, capital management, legal, and M&A deals.

The fact is that the vast majority of M&A deals fail. Even amidst those that close, founders all too frequently discover they sold far too low, on distasteful terms, and have to see their businesses collapse in the fallacious hands.

With the apt M&A Advisor in your control, the result can be dramatically distinctive.

Why Do Firms Require An M&A Advisor?

There are several ways an M&A advisor can assist and attach value to this following step in your quest.

  • Identifying the optimal valuation
  • Developing persuading pitch books
  • Planning for and sustaining due diligence
  • Negotiation of the best conceivable M&A terms
  • Achieving the best value for your enterprise
  • Discovering the best strategic fit in a new buyer
  • Links to added top talent
  • Holding the transaction active through the closing
  • Equipping you for what’s next after the deal
  • Maximizing your time to support the business operating during the process

They say that “companies get acquired not traded,” but it is your responsibility as the founder to assure you get the advice to sell your enterprise in the best conceivable dealings.

As an M&A advisor, Ramkumar Raja Chidambaram is proficient and experienced at running complex merger and acquisition integrations and hold enormous expertise in equity buyouts. Further, Ramkumar has a proven and robust track-record acting as a business developer with extensive prospecting of mergers and acquisitions for a company. As a Mergers and Acquisitions consultant, Ramkumar has displayed practical communication skills in his collaboration with prospective business leadership, expediting smooth merger or acquisition negotiations, and enhancing the probabilities of deals’ success. 

Ramkumar Raja Chidambaram is a self-motivated and proactive M&A advisor, have solid problem-solving abilities, operate adequately with senior business executives, and exhibit an ability to be calm in times of perplexity.

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